We welcome Individuals and business from the following industry segments to participate as vendors at Moksha festivals: 
  1. Fitness Apparel
  2. Yoga Lifestyle Apparel, Wearable Art
  3. Jewelry, Gems and Crystals
  4. Spiritual Items - Murthis (statues), Incense, Malas, Bells, etc.
  5. Yoga Studios, Wellness Centers
  6. Teachers, Healers, Speakers
  7. Educational Institutions
  8. Spiritual Organizations
  9. Food Supplements
  10. Vegetarian & Vegan Food
  11. Health Drinks
  12. Sustainable Lifestyle Products
  13. Non-Fossil Energy Sources (Solar, Tidal)
  14. Non-Profits
Please download our Vendor Kits below:
These kits have all the information you will need to know to be a vendor at Moksha festivals. Please review the booth layout in the Vendor Kit, review the list of booth spaces available at each festival (Individual festival web pages), and let us know which booth space(s) you would like
We typically have around 50-60 vendors at the festivals.