Sandra Summerfield Kozak, M.S., is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher who has been studying and teaching yoga for 40 years.  She has taught monthly workshops, teacher trainings, and conferences throughout North America.  And, since 1991 she has taught seminars and teacher trainings throughout Europe and the United Kingdom and presented keynote addresses at conferences in Canada, India, America and Russia. 

Sandra has been interviewed in 6 countries for books, magazines, and newspapers and has demonstrated yoga on national television in 4 countries.  In national newspapers and magazines she has been called a modern day yoga master.

Sandra is the author of 2 books:  “Yoga For Your Type” along with David Frawley (Lotus Press 2000) and “Forgiveness: The Path To Happiness” (Himalayan Press, 2005) along with numerous magazine articles on Yoga. 

She is the Founding Director of International Yoga Studies and has been an advisory board member for the Yoga Research Center and for Yoga International Magazine, for which she was also a columnist.  Sandra has served as Vice President of both Unity in Yoga International and the World Yoga Union.

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