Festival Venue
University of California, Berkeley - International House
2299 Piedmont Ave
Berkeley, CA 94720.


Vendors & Sponsors
Please contact us to reserve a booth space at Moksha or to sponsor the festival, at this email address:  vendors@mokshafestival.com


If you would like to volunteer for Moksha Festival please write to us at this email address:  volunteers@mokshafestival.com . Please remember to include your email address and contact phone number. Pleae also tell us for which festival you would like to volunteer. We have two festivals in Berkeley and Los Angeles.


If you have any queries regarding the festival passes you purchased or would like to purchase, please contact us at this email address: tickets@mokshafestival.com


Artists, Instructors & Speakers Submissions
Please write to us at this email address: namaste@mokshafestival.com. We will get back if there is a fit between the needs of the festival and what you can offer. Please note that only those yoga teachers who are registered with YogaNext will be considered for Moksha festival. We want to partner with yoga teachers and not asana instructors! 

General Inquiries
For any general inquiries, please contact us at this email address: namaste@mokshafestival.com . You may also leave a voice message for us at (310) 651-0717. Please note that you will get a faster response by email.









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